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Kamagra Jelly Canada – Free Online Consultation

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Show Update: Manassas, VA

Jesse The Chessie

GCH CoolWater’s The Tide Is High – “Jesse”

Jesse the Chessie (GCH CoolWater’s the Tide is High) had a great weekend by garnering herself a Group 2 placement on Saturday and a Best Of Breed win on Sunday.

Thank you to Judge Robert D. Ennis for this honor.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies

Doggie in the Window

Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies

Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies

Recently, a co-worker of my mother’s asked for help in locating a well-bred, well-tempered, healthy, pedigreed puppy as a family dog.

The person asking for this puppy was adamant that the puppy be available in the fall as they were traveling this summer and didn’t have time to care for a puppy.

After talking with me, we felt a nicely bred easy-going Golden Retriever would be a great match for this family– and I knew just the person to hook them up with.

Needless to say,there was a bit of a surprise when we found out this family, who requested our assistance, picked up a 15-week old  “AKC registered” puppy from a pet store – PetLand pet store – “because the kids liked it.”

Whoa. Wait-a-minute. Let’s back-up and talk about this.

First, let’s discuss what AKC registered means. All AKC registered means is that there is a background history of parents, grand-parents, great-grandparents. It’s a registry – nothing more nothing less. This does not mean their pet-store puppy is of greater or lesser quality because it is “AKC registered.”

Second, let’s talk about where puppy store puppies come from.

Puppy store puppies come from puppy mills. It is a multi-million dollar industry and a horrific one. Dogs are kept in small cages and are bred over and over and over again simply for the puppies they produce.

These so called breeders have no concern for health, temperament, health testing/clearances or anything else regarding the parents or the offspring they produce. All they see is the almighty dollar their puppies will bring in. It is not uncommon for these dogs to have multiple genetic issues and by buying a puppy from a pet store you are supporting these practices.

Google Puppy Mill images and you will see what you are supporting by buying your “because my kids liked it”  $800/$900/$1,000/$1,400++puppy store puppy.

The Amish puppy mills in Pennsylvania are some of the best known.

So, what becomes of the puppies from these dogs? They are sold to a broker and the broker then sells them to a puppy store. Now you know where the mark-up comes from for these pet store puppies. The Hunte Corporation is one of the largest, if not the largest, puppy broker organization in the U.S.

By buying a puppy from a pet store, you are supporting puppy mills, please, don’t do it. Please say no to that doggie in the window.

There are hundreds of good breeders out there, there is no need to support puppy mills.

Most breeders I know, live, eat, breath their dogs. They spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars doing health clearances to help reduce the chances of your puppy getting a genetic defect. Most breeders I know, work and show their dogs to help identify the strengths and weakness of their breeding dogs. Most breeders I know, raise puppies in a house, under foot, where they are handled and loved on daily. Most breeders I know, offer unconditional support for the lifetime of the puppy. Most breeders I know, will take your puppy back if it didn’t work out. And most breeders I know sell their well-bred, well-loved, well-cared for puppies from health-tested parents for about the same price as a pet store puppy.

Please. Think before you buy. Do your research. Not all breeders are the same. 

What a Weekend!

Boy, I love it when I receive news that I wasn’t expecting. It was a great weekend for our gang and I thought I’d share some of the updates:

  • Fen (Logan x Nova) – SHR CoolWater’s Roane Point – picked up her first Junior Hunter pass and her sire his first Master Hunter pass in GA.
  • Patton (Logan x Nova) – CH CoolWater’s Patton’s Destiny Is Some Great Thing – completed his AKC Championship in Springfield, MA.
    • Patton finished his Championship in 5 weekends with 3 majors at just under 10 months of age!
  • Oak (Nash x Morgan) – GCH* Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak – earned 3-Group 3’s and 1-Group 2 win in Birmingham, Alabama.

I am just over the moon excited for everyone and their accomplishments! What a wonderful weekend.

Show Weekend Updates

Congratulations to “Fen” – SHR CoolWater’s Roane Point – for going Winners Bitch,  Best of Winners this Saturday in Newnan, GA and picking up her first set of points.

Also, we’re proud to report that Silver GCh CoolWater’s The Tide Is High – “Jesse” – went Best of Breed each day she showed this weekend. We’re not sure how accurate it is, but currently DoggieStats.com reports that Jesse is the #4 Chessie in the breed nationwide. How cool is that? I’m not sure we’ll hold that spot down but it’s exciting to see.

New SHR Title

SHR CoolWater's Fly Me To The Moon - "Gabby"

SHR CoolWater’s Fly Me To The Moon – “Gabby”

We’re happy to report that CoolWater’s Fly Me To The Moon aka “Gabby” earned her SHR title this weekend. Gabby, like her half-sister, Fen, went 4 for 4 to earn her title.

Congratulations to Gabby and her owner, Kevin, for a job well done! We’re very proud and excited for you!

New Title!

We’d like to give a shout out to “Fen” (Logan x Nova) for earning her HRC Started title this weekend. Fen is 9 months old and she, and her owner Laurea, went 4 for 4 to earn her title. She is now SHR CoolWater’s Roane Point. From my understanding, Fen nailed every mark pretty much flawlessly.

Also, in other news:

  • Logan, Fen’s sire, earned his third Finished pass. He was one of 11 who passed out of 30 in GA.
  • Patton, CoolWaters Patton’s Destiny is Some Great Thing, a littermate to Fen, earned his second major in the show ring in MA.
  • Jesse, GCH CoolWater’s The Tide Is High, took a Best of Breed, a Select and a Best Opposite Sex wins this weekend in PA.

Congratulations to everyone on your success! Here’s to many more!

Alabama Hunt Test: Congratulations!

This weekend both Gabby (Risk x Nova) and Fen (Logan x Nova) ran the UKC Started hunt test in Alabama. We’re happy to report both girls came away this weekend with qualifying ribbons from both Saturday and Sunday.

It is my understanding that both girls worked beautifully.

Congratulations to their owners, we look forward to future updates on the girls and their accomplishments.



WoW – Show Update: Maryland

GCH CoolWater's The Tide Is High - "Jesse"

GCH CoolWater’s The Tide Is High – “Jesse”

It was a very good weekend for Jesse, GCH CoolWater’s The Tide Is High. Jesse the Chessie picked up two Best Of Breed wins at the Maryland Sporting Dog Association on Saturday and Sunday. Also, on Saturday, she picked up a Group 3 placement under a very well-respected breeder judge.  It is always an honor to get a group placement, but it is something special to get one from a long time well-respected breeder within the breed.

We are so thrilled and so honored for this win. Thank you to Judge Dyane Baldwin for seeing Jesse’s attributes.