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For the Love of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Sherman tank of water dogs.

Tough and tenacious, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a serious hunting dog developed to withstand the brutally cold, rough waters of the Eastern Seaboard, in particular, the Chesapeake Bay where he was bred by hunters in need of a dog to hunt all day and then some. The Chessie is one of the relatively few breeds completely “Made in America.” 

What Others Have to Say


James, Florida

Overall a very pleasurable experience with a breeder who is truly dedicated to the breed.

Gretchen, South Carolina

Kerrie from Coolwaterchesapeakes was amazing to work with! We recently drove 500+ Miles to pick up our pup, and it was more than worth all of the miles! We felt that we already knew our pup, because of the photos and videos she posted during the first 8 weeks of the puppy's life. Even though we have only had the pup for a month, we know (this being our 3rd Chessie) that the quality of her breeding program is second to none and can't wait to see her grow. THANK YOU KERRIE!

Jason, Oklahoma

I am new to Chessies and my experience with CoolWater Chesapeakes has been nothing short of amazing. From the first contact, inquiring about the breed Kerrie was exceptionally knowledgeable and enthusiastic about teaching me about Chessies. Through picking up the puppy and after getting her home I was always being pushed information and she is readily available with answers for any questions I have. I explained what I was looking for in a puppy and I think they matched me with the best Chessie possible. I could not be any happier with my girl. I would highly recommend if anyone was wondering about the breed and was looking for a new family member and hunting partner.

Nicole, Florida

I am the very proud owner of CoolWater's Southern Gentleman aka "Brantley." He is my beautiful one year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever and my very best friend. He is exactly the dog I wanted and I could not be happier with my decision to purchase a Chessie from CoolWater Chesapeakes. That being said, Brantley is a whole lot of dog. Anyone considering a Chessie should be prepared to invest a lot of time and TLC into their pet. After months of research I had settled on getting a CBR and it was still over a year before I finally brought my little guy home! Potential Chessie owners really need to be sure this is the dog they want. Kerrie with CoolWater was the third breeder I contacted once I started looking for my Chesapeake. From the first time I spoke with her I could tell she had a true love for the breed. She spent hours on the phone with me discussing the breed and helping me be sure this was the right one for me. She even met with me and my family at a park so I could spend time with her dogs. She kept me updated with messages and pictures throughout the whole pregnancy and the first eight weeks after the pups were born. Kerrie really worked with me to make sure I got the puppy that was the best match for me and my personality. If are looking for a Chessie look no further than CoolWater Chesapeakes! Overall wonderful experience and truly incredible dog 🙂 Thanks Kerrie!!

Jeanne, Georgia

I waited over a year for my Coolwater Chessie, and it was worth every minute of the wait. Last Novemeber I drove down to Florida to pick up my new pup, Coolwater's Chessie on the Rocks - aka Roxy. She immediately won my heart. Roxy is just 14 months old now, and she is an incredible dog. Roxy is all about retrieving. She will go all day if allowed. Roxy loves the water and swims with both speed and purpose. She is focused on the ball or bumper, and will not rest until she returns with her prize to drop at our feet. I have had Chessies before, as well as other hunting breeds, but I have never seen a dog with more drive than my Roxy. She is also an extremely devoted family dog. She LOVES her family, and readily welcomes all friends and guests, but will take very seriously the role of patrolling the yard for unwanted types such as squirrels and deer. She is affectionate and truly loves nothing more than to just be with us regardless of the activity, a drive to the bank, a romp at the park, or a lazy day spent watching football, it's all about being part of the gang to Roxy. My kids have grown and are off at college so I call Roxy my "empty nest" puppy, and boy has she filled up this nest! Her intelligence is evident, and growing every day. We have to stay sharp to stay one step ahead of her. Sometimes she performs well, even when I mess up the training. It is as though she wants me to look good. Kerrie was very helpful and very patient with me when it was time to pick out the pup. She listened to what I was looking for and narrowed it down to a few pups for me choose from. Turns out, that Roxy was a perfect fit for us. I could not be happier with my Coolwater Chesapeake, or with my continued relationship with Kerrie. We still exchange emails and photos. Kerrie has a genuine interest in all her pups, and loves to hear about all their antics and personality traits, delighting in their achivelments big and small. Having taken the time and deligence to find a reputable breeder, devoted to her dogs, their health, temperment,and placement, has paid off in huge dividends. I would encourage anyone looking for a quality Chesapeake Bay Retriever to look at Coolwater Chesapeakes. My experience has been first rate all the way, and I could not be happier with my Chessie on the Rocks - Roxy aka Rock Star.

Karen, Kentucky

I cannot say enough about Kerrie, her dogs, and her enthusiasm for the breed. From the very beginning, choosing her as our breeder has been an absolutely incredible experience. She has continued to be available to answer any and all questions that have popped up and has shown genuine interest in Skylar's continued training. I feel confident that our outstanding dog was the product of someone who cares so much about this breed and each pup individually. We are truely grateful for the entire experience!

Jon, Florida

Jon, Florida

I was recommended to Kerrie through another Chessie breeder when i first started looking for a puppy. Kerrie really took her time to make sure that I completely understood what I was in store for when I got the puppy home and what type of dog I would have when the puppy matured. It was evident to me that she wanted to make sure my household and lifestyle were going to be a good match for life. My partner and I got to visit the puppy at about six weeks and observed that the "kennel" environment was clean, the adults and puppies well cared for. Kerrie again, pointed out what she liked and did not like in each of the puppies. We were looking for a show/obedience pup and left feeling quite confidant in Kerrie's recommendation in the pick of the litter. Posy has been with us now for almost a year and is quite the wonderful Chessie. She is highly trainable, an avid water dog and possesses a warm, outgoing, friendly disposition. I can tell by her actions in the pool and yard she would be a gifted hunting dog as well. I look forward to our show career in both conformation and obedience and I know that Kerrie will be right there rooting us on.

Connie, Alabama

I am the proud owner of Risk and Nova, both CoolWater Chesapeakes. Risk has the greatest disposition and loves everyone. My 5 year old son claims he is his best friend and they are devoted companions. Risk can do anything....dock diving, hunting, retrieving anything you ask him to retrieve. His passion shows in everything he does. Nova has the same amazing attitude and we get lots of compliments on our beautiful girl. Nova will beginning training for the field and hunt tests after she weans her litter and I know she will excel in her training quickly. Kerrie is a friend, we originally met through rescue where we volunteer together and we have quickly bonded over Risk and Nova. Risk is incredibly special to us both and if you met him you would know why.

Kristin & Glen, Florida

We had a Chessie for 10 1/2 wonderful years! Our baby, Bailey, ended up with a disease called degenerative myelopathy, a disease that breeders should be more educated in so they can start to “breed out” this depilating disease out of the wonderful Chesapeake Bay Retriever breed. In 2010, we moved from Philadelphia, PA to Florida. We were hoping that moving to a one story home might prolong Bailey’s life a few more months, but unfortunately that was not the case and just a few days after the move, we had to make the extremely difficult decision to put our baby down. To say we were heartbroken and devastated would be a complete understatement. Knowing that we still had so much love to give and could not be without a Chessie for too long, we began researching breeders all over the country. Although we wanted a new puppy to love, we also wanted to make sure that we took our time to find a breeder who shared our passion for the breed, was responsible and diligent with their health screenings. We were so fortunate to find Kerry. Not only was she extremely educated in the breed and in breeding puppies, she understood and shared our concern for wanting a healthy puppy and takes all the precautions to ensure she produces the healthiest of puppies. After doing a lot of research, she carefully selected a sire, named Bodie to breed with her Morgan. Knowing how excited we were, Kerry remained in constant contact with us throughout the entire process, sending us updates and pictures of Morgan. Kerry took the time to get to know us, know what we were looking for in a new puppy and when it finally came down to selecting our puppy, Kerry could not have done a better job with choosing the right puppy for us! We are now the proud parents of a beautiful 11 month old female named Nola. Like most Chessie puppies, Nola is a lot of puppy but she is super smart, has a great personality and a real sweetheart. We are talking about possibly getting a sister for Nola and will definitely work with Kerry again to get us the perfect match!! Kerry is an excellent breeder, a great person and a wonderful friend!

Sylvia, Florida

While I have been a long time dog owner, I have never owned a Chesapeake. I lost two dogs last year due to old age and cancer and decided to look for a Chessie breeder since I have always been interested in the breed and intrigued by their love of the water. Being a Maryland native, I researched breeders back home and in Florida. Kerrie was an hour away so we met at a dog park which had a pond so I could observe the dogs in action-their retrieving skills and their superb swimming capability. I was impressed with her knowledge of the breed and her commitment to have healthy, personable litters. I also liked the fact that she keeps her dogs in her house and not a kennel. Anyone can breed animals. What is key is to have a responsible breeder who does the proper health screenings, is educated in the behavioral characteristics of the breed, is contentious of the potential owner’s needs for what they want the dog for and is accessible. Once I decided on CoolWater Chesapeakes, Kerrie kept me informed of the condition of the dam during gestation and sent pictures of the litter as they grew. She has also maintained contact and has been very helpful in answering questions as they arise. Liam is almost a year old and I am hoping next month we can start testing for his pet therapy certification. He has been excellent in obedience and received his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification when he was 7 months. I look forward to doing obedience trials with him in the future and possibly field trials. He is an avid retriever and has been since I brought him home. He is going to be a great companion for years to come. In the next year or so I will be looking for a playmate for him and will definitely turn to CoolWater Chesapeakes for another exceptional pup.

Tom, Virginia

Tom, Virginia

I obtained my CoolWater dog, Jesse (Morgan x Nash), 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier with my dog or my experience with Kerrie. Having owned several other Chesapeakes, Jesse is everything I was looking for - she's healthy with a wonderful temperament; is an outstanding retriever and strong swimmer; has a real desire to please and conformationally she's beautiful. I often get many compliments on her. Even though it's been two years since I brought Jesse home, Kerrie and I still talk regularly. She is always there to answer my questions and to cheer us on. I couldn't be happier with my dog from Kerrie and with the friendship that has developed. I would highly recommend her and her dogs to anyone.

Steve, Florida

Connie and Kerrie did a fantastic job keeping us up to date on the pups from birth to the day we picked our up. Lots of pictures and lots of information about the litter. We also were very pleased with their diligence in selecting the right pup for the owners. We got exactly what we wanted and that was a pet. We do not plan to breed our guy or show him. We wanted a family pet that would blend in with our older Chessie female. We could not be happier and highly recommend Coolwater Chesapeakes.

Camden, Floria

Connie and Kerrie at cool water were fantastic. They were very friendly and helpful in working with us on getting our new pup. This is our first chess, so they were very honest with us what it would be like owning one and are very patient and helpful in helping us adjust. It was a pleasure working with them throughout the whole process. They provided tons of info, status on the breeding progress, and lots of pics of the entire family and history on the dogs. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a Chessie.

Kaitlyn, Florida

CoolWater has excellent puppies! They are as smart as they are beautiful puppies. They pick out puppies that will fit into your life perfectly. I was in love my puppy the moment I met him. They have great service and their pups are just a joy!

Gale, Florida

They are awesome. We were given the Best match for us, puppy to owner. They go above and beyond when you have questions or concerns because you become extended family. We are thrilled with our boy 'River' and we know they are just as interested in his future as we are. Thank You 'Coolwater Chesapeakes' you are the BEST!

Paula, New Mexico

I am the happy owner of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy from CoolWater Chesapeakes. I've owned several Chessies in the past, and after much research, was most most impressed with the quality and care with which Kerrie Tatarka at CoolWater breeds her dogs. The sire and the dam are fabulous examples of the Chesapeake breed at its very best, and all of CoolWater's dogs exemplify the unique combination of strength, intelligence and temperament that highly recommend this breed to anyone looking for a loyal, energetic companion.

Derek, Alabama

I purchased my Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Oakley, ~5 months now) from Coolwater Chesapeakes well before the litter was born. From the day I committed to buying a pup, they were very helpful and informative in providing as much information as they possibly could. I am a first time Chessie owner, but have owned other retrievers in the past. They helped point out some of the differences I would see between the Chessie and my retrievers past...and they were right. I was able to use the advice they offered in training the dog from day one, and at five months I have a beautiful and obedient chesapeake that is full of personality. I am absolutely amazed by both the dog's instincts and her ability to learn. She is as loyal as can be and will retrieve until you're ready to stop. That applies to both in and out of water retrieving. This pup LOVES to swim. I've spent plenty of time talking to the folks at Coolwater Chesapeakes and I've come to know them well. They're great people with a passion for bettering the breed. I definitely look forward to buying another dog from them in the future.

Haley, Kentucky

Haley, Kentucky

Coolwater Haley's Comet "Comet" Chesapeake 11 weeks. Comet has been perfectly healthy at all vet checks and is a wonderful dog. Great personality, was handled young and is very friendly. She is smart and learning commands quickly. Kerrie from Coolwater does an excellent job

Scott, South Carolina

Scott, South Carolina

I have owned Chessies since 1989 and CoolWater Chesapeakes exhibit all the great qualities I have come to admire in a hunting retreiver.

Kevin, Mississippi

Kevin, Mississippi

Have been really pleased with the care and dedication to detail Coolwater has shown for the breed in general and more specifically with our pup. Being primarily a waterfowl hunter, I am extremely happy with our Gabby. She's shown great intelligence and drive throughout the training process. Great disposition in the breeding pair. Kerrie and Connie have been a great source of knowledge about the breed. I highly recommend this breeder.

Sandra, Florida

Coolwater Chesapeake breeder gives you pictures and updates of puppy progress from pregnancy to 8 weeks when you bring your pup home. This makes you bond with your pup before you even meet him. I received a bright, beautiful, good mannered pup from Coolwater.

Christine, Florida

Kerrie at Coolwater Chesapeakes breeds outstanding Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. I was lucky enough to get my puppy "Surge" from Kerrie. Surge is a beautiful dog with outstanding temperament and attitude. I love this puppy. If a Chessie is the right dog for you then don't hesitate to contact Kerrie for a pup or a young dog. I would recommend Kerrie to anyone that is looking for a Chessie and I would buy a dog from Kerrie again.

Todd, Massachusetts

Todd, Massachusetts

I have had the good fortune to meet Kerrie through a mutual friend and breeder. Kerrie and CoolWater Chesapeakes came highly recommended by someone I trust. I now own my third CBR. I am completely satisfied with CoolWater Chesapeakes in every way; from the pre-purchase interview; regular communications through the gestation and whelping periods; advise in the selection of my puppy and follow-up since the puppy has been in my home. Both Kerry and Connie have maintained high interest in the progress of my puppy and are eager to assist in anyway. Clearly both are well-informed about the breed, are highly motivated to ensure their puppies are going to a good home, and that the integrity of the breed is maintained. CoolWater Chesapeakes is a conscientious member and valuable contributor to the CBR Community. They have my thanks and appreciation.

Cheryl, Canada

Cheryl, Canada

I am the happy owner of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy from CoolWater Chesapeakes. I've owned a Chessie in the past, and after much research, was are most most impressed with the quality and care with which Kerrie Tatarka at CoolWater Chesapeakes breeds her dogs. She was able to help us through the documentation and red tape to bring a pup to Canada and is easily accessible if you have any questions/concerns. The pup we purchased, possesses the combination of intelligence, loyalty and temperament that we were looking for. 'Chica' is water loving, quick at learning new skills and is eager to please us. We highly recommend CoolWater Chesapeakes to anyone looking for a loyal hunting partner and energetic companion.

Taylor, Alabama

Taylor, Alabama

My experience with CoolWater Chesapeakes has been nothing short of amazing. They are not only nice people but they are always available to answer any questions I might have about training my dog. I explained to them what I was looking for in a puppy and I think they matched me with the best Chessie possible. I could not be any happier with my girl Scarlett. I would highly recommend them when looking for your next dog. I feel very blessed to have met such great people.

Brent, South Carolina

I recently purchased a Chesapeake Bay retriever through Coolwater Chesapeakes. From the first phone call to the breeder they were very helpful and very knowledgeable. I picked up my puppy in August 2013, and since then I have had contact with the Breeder and she has followed the progress of each puppy from that litter, and from conversation I gather that they follow the progress of each puppy. I am very pleased with the puppy and the bloodline is what you would expect from a quality breeder. I would recommend that any individual especially any hunter that is looking for a Chesapeake Bay retriever to contact Coolwater Chesapeakes. My pup is now five months old and I am very pleased with his progress. I have worked with dogs professionally for over 15 years and I have heard many stories about stubborn Chesapeakes, and I really was looking forward to the challenge. However so far most tasks have come naturally for Chase and he picks up new tasks very quickly. I believe with any dog that time, patience and repetition is a big key to training, but having the right dog makes it so much easier.

Laurea, Georgia

Laurea, Georgia

I am so very pleased with my CoolWater's puppy, born 6/8/13. She has remarkable drive and marking ability, very birdy and her trainability and work ethic are amazing. She is bold and friendly, very well socialized and has no fear of anything. Her drive and intelligence make training so easy, but she also has a great 'off' switch so she's a great relaxed companion in the house as well. At four months old she won the Puppy Stake at the Chesapeake National Field Trial Specialty and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.