I’ve been away for awhile so posts have been a bit slow. This summer I had an amazing opportunity to visit my friend, Thora, in Germany. I was thrilled to spend some time with my friend, but this was a particularly exciting experience for me as it was my first time traveling overseas and while doing so I got to see and spend time with Chesapeakes from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

While in Germany, I also had the pleasure of seeing Purl. Purl is a girl from our Jockamo x Gabby litter about 15 months ago, she is owned by Thora.

Purl has had a number of achievements lately. In June, Purl obtained her Junior Champion VDH & DRC in 4 straight shows and then went on to earn a Best Of Breed win. In July, I had the pleasure seeing her pass her temperament test performed by the Deutscher (German) Retriever Club as well as earn her ACC WD (Working Dog Title). Since I’ve been home, Thora and Purl entered a working test for Curly-Coated and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, where they took a second place win in the beginners class.

I am very excited and proud of this young team and I look forward to their future updates.


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  • paula bernett August 27, 2016  

    hi kerrie!

    wonderful, all of it. chance is a real superstar — he’s the lead dog for all of the community session work our amazing trainer, delinda vannebrightyn does. we’re doing advanced work in the national forest. i must send pictures soon. he continues to be a head-turner. gorgeous dog, and a great snuggler too! wish you could come and visit!