2014 National Chesapeake Show Speciality

Thought I’d give a little update from our recent time at the Chessie National Specialty.

Jesse – GCH** CoolWater’s The Tide Is High – made it through two cuts in the breed ring.

Patton – CH CoolWater’s Patton’s Destiny is Some Great Thing – placed in sweeps and made the first cut in a very competitive breed ring.

Fen – SHR CoolWater’s Roane Point BN, RN- picked up two new titles Beginners Novice Obedience (BN) and Rally Novice(RN). She also earned her first leg towards her Companion Dog title (CD). In conformation, Fen took 4th in a large class with many other nice Chesapeakes. This gave Fen the Versatility award – qualifying in three events.

All in all I couldn’t be prouder of our crew and the dogs who did their best to give us 100% each time we asked.



GCH CH* CoolWaters Patton’s Destiny Is Some Great Thing

Height: 24″ | Weight: 85 lbs | Color: Dark Red-Brown | Coat: Short, thick, very course
Patton.72Patton lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Todd.

Patton is a nice-looking boy with a wonderful easy-going temperament. He gets along well with other dogs, both male and female. Patton has many nice things about him, a beautiful topline, gorgeous coat, good substance, and short in loin. One of his strengths, however, is his strong movement which helped him garner his AKC Conformation title rather quickly.

Here are some of Patton’s successes:

  • Finished his Championship in 5 weekends, with 3 majors, at just under 10 months of age.
  • First weekend out after earning his Championship took Best of Breed over specials at just under a year of age.
  • At 15 months of age, he made the first cut for Best of Breed at the 2014 ACC National Show Specialty.
  • At 25 months of age, he was awarded a Group 4 placement at an AKC all-breed show.
  • At 27 months of age, he was awarded a Group 3 placement at an AKC all-breed show.
  • 2017 Westminister Kennel Club Award of Merit.
  • Currently has 3 of 4 passes for his HRC title


DNA Profile#V731247
Cerf: CB-EYE548/21M-VPI
Elbows: Normal
Hips: Good
PRA: Clear/Normal – CB-PRA118/21M-VPI
DM: Clear/Normal- CB-DM2081/13M-PI
EIC: Normal/Clear
Cardiac: Normal

CH* CoolWaters Patton’s Destiny Is Some Great Thing York River’s Up at Dawn CD, BN, RE, SH, NAP CH* Von Hausman’s Break O’ Day CH Cal-I-Co Almost Famous
CH Von Hausman’s Adelaide
Eastern Waters Follow Your Dream CH Chesachobee’s Odysseus
CH* Eastern Waters’ Chasin a Dream CD, RN
CoolWater’s SuperNova CH** Misty Hill Nash CH Prince Hannibal of Jala
CH Ches-shores Misty Hill Genesis
CH Silvercreek’s Spiced Rum Cabinridge’s Crack Me a Bud
BISS Am. GCH**/Can CH  Silvercreek Casbar’s Cheers

Show Update: Manassas, VA

Jesse The Chessie

GCH CoolWater’s The Tide Is High – “Jesse”

Jesse the Chessie (GCH CoolWater’s the Tide is High) had a great weekend by garnering herself a Group 2 placement on Saturday and a Best Of Breed win on Sunday.

Thank you to Judge Robert D. Ennis for this honor.

What a Weekend!

Boy, I love it when I receive news that I wasn’t expecting. It was a great weekend for our gang and I thought I’d share some of the updates:

  • Fen (Logan x Nova) – SHR CoolWater’s Roane Point – picked up her first Junior Hunter pass and her sire his first Master Hunter pass in GA.
  • Patton (Logan x Nova) – CH CoolWater’s Patton’s Destiny Is Some Great Thing – completed his AKC Championship in Springfield, MA.
    • Patton finished his Championship in 5 weekends with 3 majors at just under 10 months of age!
  • Oak (Nash x Morgan) – GCH* Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak – earned 3-Group 3’s and 1-Group 2 win in Birmingham, Alabama.

I am just over the moon excited for everyone and their accomplishments! What a wonderful weekend.

Good Show Weekend

GCH CoolWater's The Tide Is High - "Jesse"

Jesse in the group ring in York, PA .

It was a nice, successful, show weekend in Maryland.

Friday, Jesse (Bronze GCH CoolWaters The Tide Is High), took BOS (Best Opposite Sex – the best dog of the sex opposite to the best of breed winner) to the #1 Chessie in the country.

On Saturday, she had a repeat performance at the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club Specialty where there were nearly 30 entries (if I counted right)

And, to round out the weekend, Sunday, she did it again!

We can’t complain about a weekend like that, not one bit.

Jesse the Chessie

GCH CoolWater's The Tide Is High- "Jesse"

GCH CoolWater’s The Tide Is High- “Jesse”

We had a very nice surprise this weekend. Jesse, who has been taking some time off  from showing, came back out this weekend in preparation for her attendance at the Eukanuba shows at the end of the year.

This weekend, each day she was entered, she took Best Opposite Sex to the #1 Chessie in the country. The entries averaged to about 17-18 Chesapeakes each day  – as such these placements were nice wins for her.

She received many compliments both from judges and other Chesapeake breeders and we couldn’t be prouder.


CoolWater's Fly Me To the Moon - Gabby


CoolWater's Fly Me To The Moon - Gabby

SHR CoolWater’s Fly Me To The Moon – Gabby

Gabby is 23″, 72 lbs. and dark sedge. Her coat is very course, very short and thick.

She resides in Mississippi and is co-owned with Kevin & Pam Goodrum and Connie Colvin of Alabama. She is primarily a hunting companion.

Gabby is highly intelligent and very active. She is proving herself to be easily trainable and she picks up on concepts well. She is a fast and stylish retriever with good marking ability. Gabby earned her UKC  Started Hunting Retriever title (SHR) by going 4 for 4.

Temperament wise Gabby is very friendly and social.

Conformation wise, Gabby has many nice attributes – beautiful head with little ears/nice ear set, nice topline, great depth of chest and an underline which many Chesapeakes lack. Gabby has shown limitedly in AKC shows. She currently has 10 points (including a major).

She will periodically continue running hunt tests and showing to finalize her championship and we will update the website with her progress.

OFA Hips CB-10559G26F-VPI- Good
OFA Elbows CB-EL2436F26-VPI- Normal
DM – Carrier
EIC – Normal/Clear
Cardiac – Normal


SHR CoolWater’s Out On A Limb JH CH PondHollow
BroadWater Bear SH
Ch Cal-I-Co Twist of Fate Ch** Pond Hollow Bering Sea Ch/CanCh*Redlion’s Big Business JH WD
Ch Pond Hollow Abilene
Ch Cal-I-Co Raspberry Reef Ch Cal-I-Co’s American Flyer
Ch Cal-I-Co Bimini
 Ch Pond Hollow Anguilla Ch Penrose Punt Gunner Gamescout WD Arnac Bay Jetsam WDX
Penrose Limited Edition
Ch Rocky Creek Rosamond Swan BISS Ch** Pond Hollow Morocco
Ch*/Can Ch Homespun At Rocky Creek

SHR Jessie’s On Her way CD, JH
Cajun Breaux CH* Chesagrove’s KodiakSport CD, MH, WDQ CH Eastern Waters The Equalizer
CH Pinebrook Chesagrove Carrie CDX, JH
Lakebreeze’s Caddyshack JH FC/AFC Ed’s Turnpike Drifter MH***
Lakebreeze’s Ginger Ale
Cajun BayouQueen ****DC/AFC Coot’s GypsyClipper MH*** ROMQ Captain Cody’s Coot Catcher MH, WDQ***c
CH Chip’s Gypsy of Caroway WD
Eastin’s Brown Starr Catcher Magnum DI
Falcon’s Candy Can
CoolWater’s SuperNova Ch** Misty Hill Nash Ch Prince Hannibal of Jala Ch**/Can Ch Chesacola’s Brutus Beefcake CD Buck Conquistador Bug Bee
Chesacola’s Dixie Brown
Haute Jala Southern Belle Wyndhams Decoy of Jala
Jala’s Turtle Bay Jessie
Ch Ches-Shores Misty Hill Genesis Ch Chestnut Hills Marketeer Ch* Chestnut Hills Coca Kele
Ch Chestnut Hills Arnac Wye Oak WD
Ch* Ches-Shores Princess Tala Ch Chesabar Decoy of Chestnuthil
Ch Chesabar Decoy of Chestnuthil
CH Silvercreek’s Spiced Rum Cabinridge’s Crack Me a Bud Ch Chesabar’s Mt”n” Brusiser CD JH WDX Ch Chesabar’s Star of Obadiahs CD
Ch/Can BISS Ch Chesbar’s Brittany
Ch Cabinridge’s Favorite Fergie Ch Ches-Shores Crazy as a Loon
Ch Cabinridge’s Glowing Amber
BIS/BISS Ch**/Can Ch Silvercreek Casbar’s Cheers Ch*/Can BIS Ch** Silvercreek Remington Steele JH WD Ch Pond Hollow Calico Key Largo
Ch**/Can Ch*/PR Ch*/WW97 Silvercreek I Love Lucy JH WD
Mattamuskeet’s Diamond Maggie G Ch* Sand Bar’s Cast in Stone
Ch Mattamuskeet Lady of the Lake

A Winner

GCH CH CoolWater Oak & Kyle JamesToday I got to see, Oak, a puppy I bred 4 years ago.I haven’t seen this puppy since he left my house as a wee baby. Oak has had some nice success with very limited showing. However, his greatest accomplishment is being a buddy to his owner, Kyle.

Some of you know Kyle, many of you don’t. Kyle is one of the breed old-timers that you don’t hear about any more. Sitting and talking with him for an hour provides more valuable learning opportunities than I can begin to state. As a long time Chessie breeder/fancier, Kyle has seen many dogs come and go. He has had wins and losses, successes in breedings and failures. This provides valuable insight for those of us currently finding our way.

Today, as I watched Oak with Kyle, and as Kyle told me that Oak will be his last “dog”, I was told Oak ended up being everything Kyle could have asked for as his last buddy. If I never produce another “winner,” that is ok. After today, I believe I have already won in more ways than one.



A week of lows and HIGHS

GCH CH Jala's Misty Hill CoolWater Oak - Oak

GCH CH Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak – Oak

Today I found out “Oak” – GCH Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak –  owned by Kyle & Coralee James & Stacey Thomson – bred by me out of (CH Misty Hill Nash x CH Silvercreek’s Spiced Rum) took a **Group 2 win** today in Arcadia, FL under judge Kenneth Buxton.

While “Oak” has a few other group placements this Group 2 is a first for us. Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled with Oaks success.



Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies

Puppies! Logan x Nova

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies

Nova and Puppies

This morning, Nova delivered 12 beautiful puppies – 4 girls and 8 boys. While there are some color variations, it appears most are varying shades of brown with one being a very light brown (or maybe dark deadgrass). They are all healthy and range from 8 -13 oz. at this time.

Nova is resting comfortably and is being a very attentive mom. For more information on puppy availability or for more information on Nova/Logan please contact us at: [email protected] or 407.212.1741.