What a Weekend!

Boy, I love it when I receive news that I wasn’t expecting. It was a great weekend for our gang and I thought I’d share some of the updates:

  • Fen (Logan x Nova) – SHR CoolWater’s Roane Point – picked up her first Junior Hunter pass and her sire his first Master Hunter pass in GA.
  • Patton (Logan x Nova) – CH CoolWater’s Patton’s Destiny Is Some Great Thing – completed his AKC Championship in Springfield, MA.
    • Patton finished his Championship in 5 weekends with 3 majors at just under 10 months of age!
  • Oak (Nash x Morgan) – GCH* Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak – earned 3-Group 3’s and 1-Group 2 win in Birmingham, Alabama.

I am just over the moon excited for everyone and their accomplishments! What a wonderful weekend.

A Winner

GCH CH CoolWater Oak & Kyle JamesToday I got to see, Oak, a puppy I bred 4 years ago.I haven’t seen this puppy since he left my house as a wee baby. Oak has had some nice success with very limited showing. However, his greatest accomplishment is being a buddy to his owner, Kyle.

Some of you know Kyle, many of you don’t. Kyle is one of the breed old-timers that you don’t hear about any more. Sitting and talking with him for an hour provides more valuable learning opportunities than I can begin to state. As a long time Chessie breeder/fancier, Kyle has seen many dogs come and go. He has had wins and losses, successes in breedings and failures. This provides valuable insight for those of us currently finding our way.

Today, as I watched Oak with Kyle, and as Kyle told me that Oak will be his last “dog”, I was told Oak ended up being everything Kyle could have asked for as his last buddy. If I never produce another “winner,” that is ok. After today, I believe I have already won in more ways than one.



A week of lows and HIGHS

GCH CH Jala's Misty Hill CoolWater Oak - Oak

GCH CH Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak – Oak

Today I found out “Oak” – GCH Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak –  owned by Kyle & Coralee James & Stacey Thomson – bred by me out of (CH Misty Hill Nash x CH Silvercreek’s Spiced Rum) took a **Group 2 win** today in Arcadia, FL under judge Kenneth Buxton.

While “Oak” has a few other group placements this Group 2 is a first for us. Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled with Oaks success.



Great Day at the Shows – Franklin, TN

It’s always nice when you receive good news from puppy owners.

Today there was a show supported by the American Chesapeake Club in Franklin, Tennessee. Two CoolWater pups were entered and I’m happy to hear both did very well.

Gabby – CoolWater’s Fly Me To the Moon (Risk x Nova puppy) – took reserve bitch to a  major. Not bad for just turning a year old and only her second time in the ring.

Oak – Jala Misty Hill CoolWater Oak (Nash x Morgan puppy) – Best Of Breed. Whoop!


How thrilled I was to receive such news. I didn’t even know Oak was entered. 🙂


Show Report: Atlanta Georgia

I’ve been very lax in posting lately – I’ve just been busy with other things.

This weekend, two of our boy Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Oak – Jala Misty Hill CoolWater Oak – and Rip – CoolWater’s RipTide – were entered in the shows in Atlanta, GA.

Oak, took Best Of Breed two of the four days entered. This earned him his Grand Champion title. As such, he is now GCh Ch** Jala Misty Hill CoolWater Oak.

Rip, took WD/BOW three of the four days entered. He received some very nice compliments from the judges. He now needs just one point for his championship. We’re so close… so very close.

Show Report: Tennessee

CH Jala's Misty Hill CoolWater Oak

CH Jala's Misty Hill CoolWater Oak

Today, I found out that CH Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak aka “Oak” earned a Group 3 placement in Tennessee under Judge Mrs. Carole Beattie. This was Oak’s first weekend out since June – where he earned both a Group 4 and Group 3 win. Not bad for a dog that’s not quite 2 yet.  We’re very excited to see how he does as he matures.

Oak is the littermate to our girl, Jesse, who has also done well – recently finishing with three majors – a 4 pt. major earned at a regional Speciality and two 5 pt. majors earned during an ACC Supported show weekend.


Show Report: SouthHaven, Mississippi

Congratulations to “Oak” (CH Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak) and his owners/co-owners on his fabulous weekend in the ring. Saturday, in SouthHaven, MS, Oak took Best of Breed and a Group 4 placement. Sunday, he, again, took Best of Breed and then a Group 3 placement – not bad for a dog that’s only 20 months old! Needless to say, I’m quite pleased!

Oak is from our girl, Morgan and CH* Misty Hill Nash. He’s going to spend some time playing in the field and we’ll possibly see him out again later this year or early 2012.

Show Report: New Champion – OAK


CH Jala's Misty Hill CoolWater Oak

CH Jala's Misty Hill CoolWater Oak

Congratulations to Kyle, Coralee and Stacey on their new Champion – CH Jala’s Misty Hill CoolWater Oak.

Today, at only 17 mos. of age, Oak finished his championship in Franklin, TN. Oak was owner handled, by Kyle, and with very little showing he picked up 4 majors — 2 of which were points over Specials. Oak was bred here at CoolWater’s and is out of CH Silvercreek’s Spiced Rum and CH** Misty Hill Nash. Oak will now spend some time growing up, retrieving birds, and being a fabulous canine buddy.

We’re very proud of Oak and look forward to future updates on him! 😀