Atlanta: Show & Obedience Update

The CoolWater gang had a nice weekend at the shows in Atlanta.

Thursday, Gabby, SHR CoolWater’s Fly Me To The Moon, picked went Best of Winners picking up a point.
Friday, Fen, SHR CoolWater’s Roane Point, went winners bitch.
Saturday, Fen, took Winners Bitch, Best of Winners for a Major win! This is Fen’s second major!
Sunday, Fen, took Winners Bitch for another point.

Also this weekend Fen’s tried her first attempt at Rally Novice and she walked away with a qualifying ribbon and a perfect score of 100. She got second place by only 2/10 of a second! Fen also tried her first attempt at Novice Obedience as well where she earned another qualifying ribbon with a 192. She rounded out the weekend with two more qualifying legs in both rally novice and novice obedience (beginners novice).

Very nice weekend. Congratulations to both Fen and Gabby!

SHR CoolWater's Roane Point - "Fen"

SHR CoolWater’s Roane Point – “Fen”


New SHR Title

SHR CoolWater's Fly Me To The Moon - "Gabby"

SHR CoolWater’s Fly Me To The Moon – “Gabby”

We’re happy to report that CoolWater’s Fly Me To The Moon aka “Gabby” earned her SHR title this weekend. Gabby, like her half-sister, Fen, went 4 for 4 to earn her title.

Congratulations to Gabby and her owner, Kevin, for a job well done! We’re very proud and excited for you!

Alabama Hunt Test: Congratulations!

This weekend both Gabby (Risk x Nova) and Fen (Logan x Nova) ran the UKC Started hunt test in Alabama. We’re happy to report both girls came away this weekend with qualifying ribbons from both Saturday and Sunday.

It is my understanding that both girls worked beautifully.

Congratulations to their owners, we look forward to future updates on the girls and their accomplishments.



Show Updates: Atlanta, GA and Springfield, MA

I haven’t posted any updates recently – I’m a bit behind.

This weekend in Springfield, MA, CoolWater’s Patton’s Destiny is Some Great Thing, “Patton”, took his first major on Saturday by going Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex. He’s 7 months old and currently has 6 or 7 points (including a major). If all goes well he’ll finish fairly easily.  Congratulations to his owner, Todd!

I’ll share a photo of him in the ring, later.
Also, in other news, we had quite a showing at the Atlanta shows. We are proud to say that CoolWater’s Fly Me To The Moon, “Gabby”,  and CoolWater’s Roane Point, “Fen”, both did quite well.

Friday: Gabby took Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed; Fen took Reserve Winners
Saturday: Gabby took Winners Bitch, Best Opposite Sex; Fen took Reserve Winners
Sunday: Gabby took Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed for a major win; Fen took Reserve Winners

We are very proud of Gabby and her owner, Kevin, who never set foot into the ring prior to this weekend. And, of Fen, who is only 7 months old. We think she has a very bright future ahead of her.



A First Hunt

CoolWater's Fly Me To The Moon "Gabby"

CoolWater’s Fly Me To The Moon “Gabby”

“Gabby” went on her first hunt this weekend. She did great and is showing very good promise. We look forward to hearing from her co-owners as she gets more experience under her belt.

Great Day at the Shows – Franklin, TN

It’s always nice when you receive good news from puppy owners.

Today there was a show supported by the American Chesapeake Club in Franklin, Tennessee. Two CoolWater pups were entered and I’m happy to hear both did very well.

Gabby – CoolWater’s Fly Me To the Moon (Risk x Nova puppy) – took reserve bitch to a  major. Not bad for just turning a year old and only her second time in the ring.

Oak – Jala Misty Hill CoolWater Oak (Nash x Morgan puppy) – Best Of Breed. Whoop!


How thrilled I was to receive such news. I didn’t even know Oak was entered. 🙂