Chesapeake Bay Retriever Smile

The Chessie Smile

A hidden secret that we love about our Chesapeakes is that some have the ability to smile. Now, mind you, not all Chesapeakes smile. And, if you didn’t know better,  one might mistake this submissive display as an aggressive tendency. Rest assured, it is not.  Chesapeakes that smile do so for a number reasons but the primary two are: a) they are so happy to see you they can hardly contain themselves and b.) you are chastising them and they are being submissive.

Here, Rip, is smiling — why? Just because. 🙂


Chesapeake Bay Retriever Smile

Rip Smiles

Do Chesapeakes Like Water?

This is a question I hear often. Yes. It is true. The majority of Chesapeakes have an unusual profound love for the water. They not only love to swim, frolic and play in it but they have this uncanny way of smelling it as well. This can get them, especially puppies, into trouble when they get into toilets, sinks, dishwashers and every little puddle they can find. Once, when my girl, Jessie, was a puppy she literally cleaned a toilet bowl dry. Bone. Dry. She isn’t the first and she won’t be the last Chesapeake to do this.

If you cannot understand  and accept this desire in Chessies, then it probably isn’t the breed for you.

Rip had a great day at the beach – in his element, water.

CH CoolWaters RipTide - "Rip"

New AKC Champion! CH CoolWater’s RipTide aka “Rip”

I’m happy to report that we have a new AKC Champion, CH CoolWaters RipTide aka “Rip.” Rip is a beautiful Chesapeake who picked up the last point needed at the DeLand, FL dog show under judge Mrs. Billings. He earned his championship in basically 5 1/2 weekends of showing. During that time he took Best of Breed twice over Specials for two 4-point majors. Rip is the third AKC Champion out of his litter – the other two being “Oak”  (GCh Jala Misty Hill CoolWater Oak) and “Jesse”  (Bronze GCh CoolWaters The Tide Is High). His littermate, Nova, is only needing 5 single points and we hope she will pick them up sometime this year.


Show Report: Atlanta Georgia

I’ve been very lax in posting lately – I’ve just been busy with other things.

This weekend, two of our boy Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Oak – Jala Misty Hill CoolWater Oak – and Rip – CoolWater’s RipTide – were entered in the shows in Atlanta, GA.

Oak, took Best Of Breed two of the four days entered. This earned him his Grand Champion title. As such, he is now GCh Ch** Jala Misty Hill CoolWater Oak.

Rip, took WD/BOW three of the four days entered. He received some very nice compliments from the judges. He now needs just one point for his championship. We’re so close… so very close.

Show Report: Florida

I failed to report that Rip received his second major by taking his second Best of Breed win over multiple Specials on Saturday, July 14 under Dr. Robert Indeglia.

This gives Rip – CoolWater’s RipTide- 11 points. Not too shabby for only three weekends of showing. We only need 4 singles now for his Championship.

CoolWater's RipTide - Rip

Show Report: Florida

Rip has had a very good couple of weekends on the Florida show circuit. Last Saturday he took Best Opposite Sex (BOS) for one point. Sunday, he again took BOS for a point – picking up two points his first weekend out since he was a puppy.

This weekend, on Saturday, Rip took reserve winner dog (RWD). Sunday, however, he took Winners Dog (WD), Best of Winners (BoW) and Best of Breed (BOB) under judge Robert Vandiver – earning his first major win. Judge Vandiver was very complimentary of Rip and said some very nice things.

Also, to add to the wonderful weekend, I received a very special surprise. Liam’s owner (CoolWater’s Wish Me Luck O’ The Irish RN) gave me this wonderful chair. I was taken aback by the lovely surprise. I will most definitely be using it all the time and, each time I do, I’ll be thinking about the wonderful person it came from. A nice weekend, it definitely was.




CoolWater's RipTide a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Dock Diving Report: Orlando, FL

I had a great time this weekend attending the Ultimate Air Dogs competition in Orlando, FL. I took Jessie and Rip along for the fun.

They both did awesome but Jessie never ceases to amaze me. I believe she was the oldest dog entered and she was consistently making some pretty big jumps. In the end, she took 2nd in the Master’s division with a jump 21’9″.

Rip, came in 4th in the Senior division with a jump of 18’8″. This was his first dock diving event — heck, it was his first time ever jumping off a dock at all. As such, I’m very proud of him and how well he did. He LOVED the game, that’s for sure.


Gotta luv them water dogs…

Many people are awaiting news on Morgan and are checking the blog daily — sometimes several times a day. Well,  I have nothing to report just yet. I’m sorry – I wish I did.

This past weekend was beautiful. As such, I took three of the Chessies – Morgan, Rip & Jessie to the local dog park. I talk about this park quite often in my posts as it’s just fabulous for the dogs. Trixie stayed home this time, as it’s too cumbersome for me to try handling 4 Chessies at once by myself. This upcoming weekend, provided we don’t get too much rain, Trixie will be going for her outting. ;) Afterall, I try to be fair to all the pups.


Left to right – Morgan, Rip & Jessie

The Puppies are Off to a Great Start!

What a great weekend for the CoolWater crew!

I took both Trixie & Rip to the dog shows in Vero Beach, FL. Both did VERY well considering they’ve never really shown before. They were a little hesitant — lots of other dogs, lots of people, lots of noises, lots of things whirling by — but all-in-all I’m very proud of them both. My goal for the weekend was a.) to introduce the puppies to the show ring b.) let them have fun and c.) get them to stand still so the judges could go over them. Well, we succeeded in doing all of the above and then some….

Saturday, a good friend of mine, showed Trixie in the 6-9 mos. old puppy class. Trixie took Winners Bitch for 1 point. Yay Trixie! Rip, took reserve to the other (much more mature) male (who was 2 1/2 yrs. old). However, also on Saturday, Rip took best puppy in breed.

Sunday, I showed both Rip and Trixie. Trixie took Winners Bitch (for another point) and Rip took Winners Dog & Best of Winners (1 point).

While the points were nice, what was even nicer happened when I walked out of the show ring on Sunday. When I walked out of the ring, I was confronted by a woman who was sitting, watching, ringside. She told me that my male puppy was OUTSTANDING and that he has a very bright future ahead of him. She continued on to say that ‘provided he doesn’t fall apart’ she could see the two of us doing great things together. She said he was, without a doubt, the best dog in the ring that day and that the only reason he didn’t take breed was a.) because I’m a novice handler and b.) because of his age. She said the judge was very big on presentantion, handlers and won’t put a young pup up over older dogs. Now, I didn’t know this person but it turns out she shows Golden Retrievers. I left the show that day?feeling very warm-fuzzy and happy.

To add to the good news, in Virgina, under Judge Elizabeth Muthard, “Jesse“, also received her first point by going Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over an older male. This was her first weekend out! ?Woot, Woot!? The judge commented that although the male was more mature she just had to give Jessie the point as?her movement was flawless.

On Saturday, at the Virginia show, a fellow Chessie breeder, that I know well, was standing ringside and had the opportunity to see “Jesse.” Of course, when I found out I had to ask his opinion (especially since I haven’t seen her since she was 8 weeks old). He reported that “Jesse” has probably about the nicest tail carriage that he’s seen, that she has a beautiful coat, course and thick and that she’s much more mature than her mother at this age. He also stated that she had a great attitude and she handled everything very well. To hear this from a fellow breeder, makes me very proud!

So,  several puppies out of the Morgan x Nash litter now are pointed. Oak, has 4 points including 1 major; Trixie, 2 points; Rip, 1 point; and Jesse, 1 point — not bad for young puppies and their first weekends out.

I wish I had photos to share. A friend took some ringside but apparently she deleted them by accident.