CoolWater's Wish Me Luck O' The Irish - Liam

Puppy Match: Titusville, FL

Today I attended a puppy match in Titusville, FL. I didn’t have any dogs entered, rather I went to support/see “Liam” (a Morgan x Bodie) puppy. Liam turned 1 yr. old on 10/7. I hadn’t seen him for several months (since May I think) and I wanted to see how he was maturing. Plus, he was entered in a number of activities including Rally and Pre-Novice obedience.

I was extremely pleased upon seeing Liam. Liam is a nice medium-sized dog with a thick course coat that is a rich dark brown color. His head is starting to broaden and he exudes intelligence in his expression. Although Liam still has much growing up to do, I was very happy with how he’s ‘looking’  for being barely a year old.

Even though Liam ‘looked good’ it was really his temperament that made me fall in love with him. He is as sweet as can be – with a temperament to die for! He was very attentitive to everything around him – always watching and observing. Although he was always happy to recieve attention from strangers, he was never pushy with them. I was also pleased to see how good he was with other dogs and with children as well.

Liam did an excellent job at the match where he took 2nd place in the Rally Novice class and 1st place in the pre-novice obedience  – with a score of 193! However, the icing on the cake came when Liam passed his third (and final) test in becoming a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Inc. This was very sweet and important accomplishment for his owner, Sylvia.

Soon, Liam will be spending his Sunday mornings visiting hospitals, special needs centers, schools, and nursing homes spreading happiness and cheer to people, young and old alike.Needless to say, I’m very very proud of the two.

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