Farewell My Friend

Several people have sent me e-mails and have left voice mails recently. I have even received a couple of rude follow-ups. My apologies for not getting back to you, I will try and do so this weekend.

I’ve said little about it, but this past Thursday, I laid to rest a Chesapeake that meant more to me than I can articulate. As my heart tries to mend from her loss, tomorrow, I will grieve again as I am reminded of our last moments together, when I go and pick up her ashes. I just haven’t had it in me to follow-up to emails, discuss puppies, plans, events etc… I’m sorry. No. I take that back. I’m not sorry.

Some of you will understand, some will not. Some will say, she lived a long life. True, she did. Some will say, she could have died from other things/or earlier in life. True, she could have. I am thankful, so very thankful for the 13 1/2 years I had with Jessie. And yet, 13 1/2 years were not nearly long enough.

Every day we wish our lives away, wanting the minutes, the days, the weeks, the months to be over. We complain about how time goes by so slow and, yet, I will argue that time goes by so fast. So very fast. Before we realize it time has slipped by. A year. 5 years.  13 1/2 years.  I was reminded that we are each given a limited amount of time to be on this earth and every day we get to choose how we are going to spend that time. Grab a leash. Take a walk – even in the rain or cold. Throw a ball. Give a treat. Snuggle on the couch. Take photos, there can never be too many photos. When our time is up, there are no tomorrows. No do-overs. No second chances. Spend what time you have wisely, embrace it – don’t wish it away.

They say letting our dogs go, when it’s time, is the kindest thing we can do for our companions. This may be true, but I say it’s the most unkind thing to our hearts.

Farewell, my sweet friend.

Show Report: Florida

I failed to report that Rip received his second major by taking his second Best of Breed win over multiple Specials on Saturday, July 14 under Dr. Robert Indeglia.

This gives Rip – CoolWater’s RipTide- 11 points. Not too shabby for only three weekends of showing. We only need 4 singles now for his Championship.

CoolWater's RipTide - Rip

Show Report: Florida

Rip has had a very good couple of weekends on the Florida show circuit. Last Saturday he took Best Opposite Sex (BOS) for one point. Sunday, he again took BOS for a point – picking up two points his first weekend out since he was a puppy.

This weekend, on Saturday, Rip took reserve winner dog (RWD). Sunday, however, he took Winners Dog (WD), Best of Winners (BoW) and Best of Breed (BOB) under judge Robert Vandiver – earning his first major win. Judge Vandiver was very complimentary of Rip and said some very nice things.

Also, to add to the wonderful weekend, I received a very special surprise. Liam’s owner (CoolWater’s Wish Me Luck O’ The Irish RN) gave me this wonderful chair. I was taken aback by the lovely surprise. I will most definitely be using it all the time and, each time I do, I’ll be thinking about the wonderful person it came from. A nice weekend, it definitely was.




Show Update: Fletcher, NC

It was a great weekend in Fletcher, NC.  Jesse took Best of Breed on Saturday under judge Shirley Fippin. Then, on Sunday she took Best of Breed again under judge Nikki Riggsbee. That gives her three BoB wins in a row. We’re very proud of her.

Obedience Trial: Palm Bay, FL

CoolWater's Wish Me Luck O' The Irish - "Liam"

CoolWater's Wish Me Luck O' The Irish - "Liam"

A huge shout out to Liam (CoolWater’s Wish Me Luck O’ The Irish) and his owner, Sylvia on their two Rally Novice qualifications this weekend. On Saturday, Liam took first place with a score of 98 (out of 100) and on Sunday, again he was in first place with a score of 97 (out of 100). This team is really coming along!

Congratulations, Sylvia!

CoolWater's SuperNova

Training Day: Tallahassee, FL

Today, I received some wonderful photos that were taken of Risk and Nova during a training day. It was so nice for someone to go out of their way to make copies, put them on disk and mail them to me – as a bit of a surprise. I thought I’d share and I hope you enjoy them as I do.


Show Report: Tallahassee, FL

It was a good weekend at the dog shows.

Friday, Risk,  CoolWater’s Out On A Limb, took Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 2 points. Nova, CoolWater’s SuperNova, took Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex for a point.

Saturday, Risk took Winners Dog, Best of Winners for another 2 points and Nova took Winners Bitch, Best Opposite Sex for a point.

Sunday, Nova took Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex, which earned her her second major win.

Risk only needs one point to obtain his show championship and Nova only 5 points.

We’re very proud of them!